At SonoDetect we aim to offer innovation in ultrasound studies for breast cancer screening with SonoCiné AWBUS technology, bone densitometry with R.E.M.S (Echolight) technology, and diagnostic sonograms of high image quality, which allows us to offer all patients accurate diagnoses without radiation, painless and safe for all ages.

We also offer the Discovering Us service, a non-diagnostic ultrasound for the visualization of fetal faces for recreational purposes that invites parents and families to discover the sensation of knowing their baby before he/she is born. With our specialized Discovering Us LightDetection/5D system, you can enjoy this experience in a cozy and comfortable space where the whole family can enjoy non-diagnostic sensory ultrasound sessions.

8725 NW 18th Terrace suite 308,
Miami, FL. 33172

Mon-Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM
Saturday, Sunday: Closed

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